The problem with the Roomba is that it's frustrating to watch in action. It will hug one side of the room for minutes on end. Whether it bashes into walls and furniture or stops short and turns is unpredictable. There's a cathartic moment when it finally embarks on it's trek to the other side of the room.… » 7/29/14 2:22pm Tuesday 2:22pm

Even as a kid, I remember watching these movies and thinking there was no way we were going to see that kind of progress in such a short span of time. Technological progress tends to be more subtle and go in directions people can't predict because they're always extrapolating from what they see around them. I think… » 7/28/14 10:47am Monday 10:47am

This is a class of car that just does not exist in the United States. It, like Dacia Logan and many others, are total and complete bottom-of-the-line economy cars. When they're not built by a Chinese automaker, as the Citroen seems to be, automakers basically take their most common economy platform and couple it to… » 7/24/14 5:03pm 7/24/14 5:03pm

American parents have this idiotic mentality that if you can't watch your kids 24/7 that you might as well give up. Good parenting isn't about watching your kids like a hawk, it's about instilling common sense, responsibility and maturity so that they're less likely to make stupid decisions when left to their own… » 7/24/14 11:14am 7/24/14 11:14am

It's easy to suggest all this stuff, but the fact is that it really isn't feasible for a lot of people. For every individual that has the luxury of knocking off to engage in favorite exercise there are a half dozen people chained to their desks, picking up the slack. » 7/23/14 4:09pm 7/23/14 4:09pm

I own a car with a dual clutch transmission and have driven a variety of cars with conventional automatics that allow gear changes. They're barely on the same planet in terms of operation. In my DSG, the shifts are crisp and immediately, very much like a manual operated by someone who's always attentive and precise.… » 7/22/14 4:33pm 7/22/14 4:33pm

Millennials will see through Campbell's bullshit, but only because they don't represent the kind of brand they find appealing. Instead, they'll buy into whatever bullshit some SF-based company is selling because it's compatible with the lifestyle they think they represent. » 7/22/14 12:19pm 7/22/14 12:19pm

The mistake most people make is that chipping a car gives you cheap, reliable power. Visit the forums and you'll find post after post of some components failing on chipped cars. That's when it's easy, because some guys are endlessly chasing gremlins and have resigned to perpetually lit CELs. » 7/21/14 4:40pm 7/21/14 4:40pm