Adobe has resting on its laurels for a very long time. Creative Suite is still better than most alternatives, but there continue to be big inconsistencies across apps and Adobe keeps failing to address problems that have been around for a long time. Instead, Adobe invests effort on gimmicky, superfluous features. Of… » 3/03/15 3:15pm Tuesday 3:15pm

Computer aided assists are irrelevant here since motorsports today don't allow any of that. What this video really demonstrates is the massive impact tire and suspension technology has had on racing. Driving one of these cars would be a great exercise in car control. » 3/03/15 3:06pm Tuesday 3:06pm

This design is too busy and heavy-handed with faddish styling cues. That long creased growth along the doors is a major distraction. It's funny because the tiny side mirrors look out of place on a car with so many prominent design elements. Why didn't they just integrate cameras into car's many bulging deformities? » 3/03/15 11:15am Tuesday 11:15am

Some automakers seem to make the mistake of designing an element and only considering it from a single angle. It reminds me of the Mazda 3 where they've got a similar swoop along the side of the car. It doesn't look too bad from the side, but when you see the car from other angles suddenly that curve looks clumsy.… » 3/02/15 3:07pm Monday 3:07pm

Modern cars are becoming increasingly aerodynamic. There are all kinds of little elements blended into modern designs that maximize efficiency. But cost has been a major limiting factor thus for. Those exotic aerodynamic shapes typically require unique platforms and require certain sacrifices. But things are… » 2/25/15 3:17pm 2/25/15 3:17pm

I first saw this video years ago and while it's really impressive from what I recall the driver was a professional racer who entered an amateur race. I wish I could find the story, but this video has been reposted countless times so the background story has been lost. I might be mistaken about all that, but it sure… » 2/25/15 1:51pm 2/25/15 1:51pm

The 80m sea level rise is based on a scenario where Antarctic and Greenland ice sheets were to melt completely. The USGS point out, however, that the melting of all glaciers alone would only contribute to about a .5m rise. So these maps are a bit misleading. They're not reflective at all of the real threat we're… » 2/25/15 11:13am 2/25/15 11:13am

I bought a Cube for my wife several years ago and she loves the car. I like it too and it's a travesty that the car has gone unappreciated outside of Japan. It's immensely practical for it's size and it's one of the more distinctive cars on the road. The funny thing is that although it hasn't sold relatively well I'm… » 2/21/15 2:39pm 2/21/15 2:39pm