This is not a particularly satisfying example of justice; it just looks like someone made a mistake. This is nothing like the crap I see on a near daily basis where people blatantly blow through red lights, ignore right-of-way rules and disregard turn-only lanes. » 4/14/14 5:02pm Monday 5:02pm

It's not really surprising. Young people with money go upmarket and those without buy used, generally also with the intent of getting something upmarket that they wouldn't be able to afford new. Older people want something inexpensive, but practical and new so that they don't have to worry about repairs. So Scion is a… » 4/14/14 2:22pm Monday 2:22pm

American municipalities are too far behind the times for this to get implemented any time soon. And in my area at least, low quality paving ensures this lines wouldn't last very long anyway. Which is odd, because construction and maintenance is more expensive in the US than in the EU. » 4/14/14 11:36am Monday 11:36am

Years ago I was taking a coworker I fancied to the train station after work. Not far from our destination I roll up to a merge onto a boulevard. I was so engrossed in looking for on-coming cars that I didn't notice the car ahead of me, still sitting there obliviously despite the boulevard being clear. The girl beside… » 4/10/14 12:47pm 4/10/14 12:47pm

Automakers don't care about serviceability in 20 years. They want you in a new car every couple of years like clockwork. Technology is finally going into cars that renders them as disposable, in the eyes of the consumer, as a smartphone. And free-flowing credit makes it all feasible. » 4/09/14 10:40am 4/09/14 10:40am